Thursday, December 4, 2008

Amy VanDonsel putting art into happy homes

Amy VanDonsel is purging herself of artwork - and this means good things for cheapo art collectors like me.

I can't promise that this piece - "A Self-Inflicted King Makes an Offer to a Woman" (great title!) - is going cheap, but whatever is going is going cheap.

After noting that someone named David (a boyfriend, I'm guessing) is moving and divesting himself of a vast array of worldly goods, she says, "I've decided to free up some physical and mental space with a conjunctive Holiday Art Sale. I'll be selling much of the remaining work that's been shown this year at silly prices. Some pieces as low at $10 and nothing over $100, just paintings looking for good homes and me looking for some Christmas spending money."

I knew I liked this girl! (Sorry, I like to call women "girls," until pointedly corrected; note I also called this unknown-to-me David a presumptive "boy"friend). Amy showed in our 2008 Poetry Scores Art Invitational, made a beautiful piece and was a real sport about it.

"The sale," she says, "will be indoors, two floors, fun for all!" Location: 4506 Tennessee Ave. in St Louis. When? This Saturday, Dec. 6, 7 a.m. til 3 p.m. Those early hours actually work for this daddy; maybe I'll see ya there.


Amy VanDonsel said...

I'm not at liberty to either confirm or deny the rumors surrounding this so-called David fellow, who is, in all likelihood, my boyfriend... ;)

Uncle Pilot said...

I hear this David fellow is some kind of shut-in, eccentric benefactor with a penchant for breaking the minds of young artists.

Tony Renner said...

it's interesting to note that this "david" is offering for sale "women's clothing"....