Sunday, December 21, 2008

Anthony Brescia readies homebrew for Jon Cournoyer

Anthony Brescia, that beautiful man, has made good on his offer of a case of customized homebrew, which Jon Cournoyer bought on live auction at the Poetry Scores 2008 Experiential Auction, held at Atomic Cowboy.

Anthony writes to Jon:


There is a case of beer for you here in the manager’s office at the Schlafly Tap Room. The bottles with letters on the top signify the vanilla chocolate porter; the bottles with plain caps are the wheat wine. Realize that 3 or 4 bottles of the wheat wine might make driving fun, difficult or unwise.

Also regarding this beer, the longer it sits the better the carbonation will be. Id est*, if needed a few could be opened around Christmas time, but the longer they sit the better. The VC** porter might go well with some spicy foods, and certainly cookies, cakes and chocolates/truffles. (Also with the VC porter, one might open it over a sink, as a few have been overcarbonated. Both of these beers can “breathe” and drinking either at 45 or 50F is not a sin.)

Otherwise, simply a sipper. Likewise for the wheat wine. A winter warmer for sure, but it might go with duck, some cheeses, lamb, or whatever you see fit***.

Supply me with feedback if you like and at your leisure. I hope you and yours enjoy it. Cheers, and thanks for supporting the arts.


Note that the auction item proper was a customized case of beer brewed for the occasion and labelled in a custom manner, but Anthony offered a mixed case of previously brewed beers and Jon said that would be jasper dandy. As for the labels, Jon designs the fabulously gorgeous books published by The Saint Louis Art Museum, so we will trust him to brew his own labels. The beer, we understand, is bound for his father.

Anthony Brescia was recently inducted as Poetry Scores' house translator for beer, wine and spirits. We will be consulting with him soon regarding a beer to brew in response to The Sydney Highrise Variations, by Les Murray, which we are scoring for 2009.

*** NOTES ***

* Id est, Latin for "that is"; Anthony is really, really, really, superlearned.

** VC, "vanilla chocolate," not "Viet Cong".

*** Whatever you see fit, id est, I, Anthony, know a lot more about this than you do; however; I recognize that the less supelearned have free will to make their own inferior decisions regarding food/beer pairings.

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