Monday, December 29, 2008

Two by Frank Heyer for Sydney Highrise (free mp3s)

Not so long ago I welcomed into the Poetry Scores fold the creative St. Louis musician Frank Heyer. I carried on a little about how well his constructed improvisations fit in with what we do.

My coproducer Matt Fuller has since remarked to me with wonder how much Frank's music sounds like Middle Sleep, a group of improvisers from Lookout Mountain (Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles) active in the early 1980s, that we work into every poetry score.

I have since, under the tutelage of Robert Goetz, got one with and learned how to upload and share the mp of 3 digital audio format. And so at this time I will let you hear for yourself the raw Frank Heyer pieces we will be working into our score for The Sydney Highrise Variations by Les Murray.

Free mp3s

By Frank Heyer

This one will get melded with the poet Les Murray's crazy mushy mouthmusic and who knows what all else - all doing ambiguous battle, at length.

* "Modernity's strange anger"
By Frank Heyer

The last track on the score. The intention right now is to leave this as is. When we get around to making the silent movie to the score (a rube in the city flick, a la Chaplin, in which the city blows up suddenly around his humble shack) this will be the close credits outro music.

Frank made the music and it belongs to him. We're just making something else out of it.


Photograph of Sydney Highrises by Flemming Bo Jensen.

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