Thursday, December 11, 2008

Poetry initiates valor, food, wine, beer and-or spirits

At last night's board meeting, Poetry Scores agreed to two new designated in-house translators -John Eiler is responsible for translating the poems we score into food; and Anthony Brescia, that beautiful man, is responsible for translating them into beer, wine and-or spirits.

Dianna Lucas, the mostest with the hostess, will serve as project manager of this newly designated official branch of what we do. Both translators previously have served in their respective capacities, on an informal basis, and will require limited supervision but will likely enjoy every minute of it, since it will be Dianna paying attention to them.

We tabled a set of maybe projects for 2009, confirming now only a score and art invitational for The Sydney Highrise Variations by the Australian poet Les Murray for the fall. Since this is a poem about modernity, vertical space, and the rise of cities, I'm expecting some kind of vertical presentation of foofstuffs from John, and going to go ahead and commission a vertical tasting of beer, wine and-or food that reflects the qualities of the poem from Anthony.

Since Anthony is one of the edgy minds that makes Schlafly Beer happen, perhaps his annual recipe in response to our annual fall poem can appear on a handle at The Tap Room, which would be a lovely place to host the food and beer opening. We agreed to style this deluxe experience, wherever we end up hosting it, as a "P.I.V." event (as opposed to "V.I.P."), with the acronym amounting to "Poetry Initiates Valor".

Poetry makes you brave. The most important people are those with the most poetry pouring through them. That will include the poetry that has been translated into food and beer!


Sketch of John done in his garage while he was titling Thollem compositions. Sketch of Anthony, my only hostile subject to date (and a bitterly hostile one at that), done in my personal vehicle while returning from a birthday celebration for Brett Lars Underwood and Tony "Blood" Diamond on the Island of Calhoun.

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