Monday, December 22, 2008

Spend your money on Poetry Scores stuff

It's possible to be a little torn this holiday season over the annual riot of consumerism that somehow mysteriously is meant to honor the birth of Christ. Speaking for myself alone, Barack Obama's election made me more proud than ever to be an American, and Christmas shopping is the American way; however, the unregulated bailout of the financial sector makes me more ashamed than ever to be a tax-paying, goods-buying capitalist.

All that said, we got stuff for sale! And anybody with stuff for sale at this time of year is supposed to remind people that they have stuff to sell! Here is our stuff!

I remember putting copies on consignment at:
Firecracker Press, 2838 Cherokee;
Vintage Vinyl, 6610 Delmar;
Euclid Records, 601 East Lockwood;
Laumeier Sculpture Park, 12580 Rott Road;
Left Bank Books, 399 N. Euclid; and
Apop Records, 2831 Cherokee.
What they don't have, we do.

Go South for Animal Index - a poetry score CD setting to music the atomic bomb poem by Stefene Russell, enfolded in an art book with prints by The Firecracker Press and essays by the poet and coproducer Chris King (that's me). Featured artists: Three Fried Men, Middle Sleep, Amy Camie, Heidi Dean, Richard Selman, Christopher Y. Voelker.

Nailed Seraphim b/w The Epileptic Camel Driver Speaks to a Refugee Death: Elegy for Fakin' Floyd Raintree - a two-faced art book of poetry by K. Curtis Lyle with two poems, each with a print by The Firecracker Press.

Blind Cat Black - a poetry score CD setting to music a Surrealist Turkish streetwalker poem, with cover art by the great Julie Doucet, printed by The Firecracker Press. Featured artists: Pops Farrar, Michael Cooney, Fred Friction, Three Fried Men, Les Murray, Middle Sleep, Heidi Dean, Tim McAvin.

Crossing America - a poetry score CD setting to music the poem by Leo Connellan, with cover art by the great Michael McCurdy. Featured artists: Dave Stone, Eric Markowitz, Brian Henneman, Fred Friction, Three Fried Men, Nate Shaw, Chuck Hatcher, Heidi Dean, Pops Farrar.

Other stuff I have a hand in that I tend to drop off for consignment when I drop off Poetry Scores stuff:
Rosco Gordon, No Dark in America - last record by a legend of the blues; coproduced by Lij and me

Pops Farrar, Memory Music - Merchant Marine songster from the Ozarks sings, plays and muses; produced by me

Two Eleanor Roosevelt CDs - Crumbling in the Rain and Walker with His Head Down. Roots rock with lyrics from world folklore.

My chapbook of poems, A Heart I Carved for a Girl I Knew, by Chris King

Buy! Buy us! Buy us now! And if you want any of this stuff and can't find it, or would rather cut out the middleman, then email me: brodog [@]

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