Saturday, January 10, 2009

A lawyer named Poetry accepts Fred Friction CD

This is not Mathew Posey. Mathew Posey - the last name is synonymous with "Poetry" - is a transactions lawyer with an office in Clayton.

To call someone a "transactions lawyer" is to aknowledge that they do corporate law without implying that they are participating in the robbery of the poor to give to the rich or other forms of the massive hemorrhaging of wealth upwards toward the financial sector.

Mathew Poetry does none of these things - certainly, he does none of these things for Poetry Scores. He volunteers for our organization - thanks to his firm, Husch Blackwell Sanders LLP, and Volunteer Lawyers and Accountants for the Arts - in helping us sort out our tax status.

This could be a full-time job, but since he isn't paid for it, we hope it is not a full-time job. We want Mathew Poetry to prosper.

The man in the garish image above is local raconteur and songwriter Fred Friction. I have been detailing, in a series of posts, Fred's many and varied contributions to our poetry scores. I have been doing this, in part, to hype his long-awaited debut solo album, the magnifient Jesus Drank Wine.

This image (taken by Christopher Gustave) is part of the CD packaging, also designed by Gustave. I think of Fred's CD in connection to Mathew Poetry today because I gave our volunteer lawyer a copy of Fred's CD yesterday as a "thank you" for his services, which should save us from jacking up our situation with the taxman.

Asked if he he liked eccentric, slightly scary roots music, the transactions lawyer said, "Well, yeah."

Then you got it, Mathew Poetry. And remember, all y'all, who want to lump all lawyers into the same despised category - remember what Sir Philip Sydney said in Defense of Poetry: "Abuse doth not make the right use odious." Or, as Michael Shannon Friedman said, "Don't let the bastards bring you down."


Jesus Drank Wine now available on CD Baby.

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