Friday, January 30, 2009

Dana Smith completes N. Nomurai portrait from Experiential Auction

This is satisfying. This is St. Louis artist Dana Smith's painting of St. Louis experimental rock band N. Nomurai. Poetry Scores made this thing happen.

We asked Dana if he would donate the experience of having your band painted by him. He said sure. We put it up on auction at the 2008 Experiential Auction, held at Atomic Cowboy.

Eric Hall, the leader of N. Nomurai, wanted the experience, but he was in the studio that night, mastering the Fred Friction solo record. He staked us a proxy bet. Then he went a step further and asked to be contacted from the auction if somebody beat his proxy.

Somebody beat his proxy. Eric was contacted. Eric raised his proxy bid - and won.

Dana went and took pictures of the band, and after months of painting, here it is. I totally dig it. Contact Dana at if you want to see more of his work or commission him to do his thing for you.

N. Nomurai is best tracked at that there MySpace page.

Hopefully Dana will be back for a repeat performance on Experiential Auction 2009!


Eric Hall said...

thanks to chris.
huge thanks to dana.

Eric Hall said...

...but can we just say "mascot" instead of "leader"?

Poetry Scores said...

I should have known your egalitarian ideals would be rumpled by that word choice!