Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kevin Belford and The Illustrated Word

The mission of Poetry Scores is to translate poetry into other media. This collaboration isn't quite that, but it does pair words with images and includes three Poetry Scores principals, so I think it belongs here.

These three pieces are by St. Louis artist Kevin Belford, who has helped us in many ways and contributed work to the art invitationals for Blind Cat Black and Go South for Animal Index.

Here are the titles of the pieces, top to bottom, and the texts he culled to accompany them:


Alleys are my city's secret pockets.
I want the whole sky and all the wine in your house
and all the wine in your neighbor's house.
I can't stop taking shortcuts.
I'm going to find a way to fall in love with that shattered
window fixed with masking tape.
I'm going to draw a broken line in dressmaker's chalk
from my pink collar to my pink heart.

- "Stardust in a Phrygian Key" by Stefene Russell


is that quality possessed by some which draws all others with its magnetic force. With It you win all men if you are a woman—all women if you are a man. It can be a quality of the mind as well as a physical attraction. Self-confidence and indifference whether you are pleasing or not—and something in you that gives the impression that you are not at all cold. That's "It".

- "The Man and the Moment" by Elinor Glyn, (1923)


I had a gash in my shin
That was bleeding into my shoe
She was going away.
She had bought me a book.
Felt like a thirdstring tightend,

- Unpublished Poem by Chris King

Belford has given me authorial credit for what it really a piece of found art - a few lines from a gigbook poem collaged from everything anybody said at the bar that night, and I am pretty sure Brett Lars Underwood said most of this bit.

These pieces appear in the show The Illustrated Word (through March 7) at The Gallery at Chesterfield Arts, 444 Chesterfield Center Dr., Suite 130 (636/519-1955). Also in the show: Richard Bernal, Michael Kilfoy and Terri Shay.

Belford notes, "The text was supposed to accompany the pieces, but i guess they changed their minds," which means that the words didn't make it into the show, I guess.

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