Thursday, December 2, 2010

Two Adam Long projects nominated for Grammy Awards

We've brilliant news to report about one of our own.

Adam Long, who mixes and masters our poetry scores, once again has two projects he mixed/mastered this year being nominated for a Grammy Award. It is the third year running the boy genius has had two projects advance to "the envelope, please" in the same year.

In the Origial Broadway Cast Recording category, Fela! was nominated. Adam Long mixed and mastered it with Robert Sher producing. This is the third year a Sher/Long recording has been nominated in this category.

Lecrae, Rehab was nominated in the Best Rap or Rock Gospel category, the third year a project Adam mixed/mastered was nominated in this category.

All of Adam's projects are mixed and mastered in his St. Louis studio. He does recording for the Broadway projects in New York. Adam's collaboration with Sher has resulted in a Broadway recording producer shifting to dual residene status with a foot on the ground in St. Louis.

For the record, none of Adam's previous nominations has ended in the big enchilada. It's hard to avoid thinking Fela! has a good chance this year. We will be celebrating with him either way it goes.

Adam Long discography with Poetry Scores

Jack Ruby's America (2010), mastered
The Sydney Highrise Variations (2009), mastered, co-mixed
Go South for Animal Index (2008), mastered, co-mixed, co-recorded
Blind Cat Black (2007), mastered, co-mixed, co-recorded