Saturday, December 18, 2010

And the sun shines for you today; maybe you, Fred Friction & Maureen

And yet more Molly Bloom monologue from James Joyce's Ulysses that wants to be a song, I think.

"And the sun shines for you today"

he said I was a flower of the mountain
so we are
flowers all a womans body
yes that was one true thing
he said in his life
and the sun shines for you today
that was why I liked him

The vocal I imagine is like Maureen Sullivan from the Red-Headed Strangers. I am thinking of the great singing Maureen did on "Bottle-a-Day" on the impeccable Fred Friction record, Jesus Drank Wine.

In fact, this would work just fine as a Fred Friction song, and his junk yard angel rock band concept would be just right for it. Looks like I will be buttering up Freddy (again).

The complete "Songs from Ulysses" series

"The sailors playing all birds fly"
"And the sun shines for you today"
"Half the ships of the world"
"He rests"
"Less reprehensible"
"Restless. Solitary."
"I'm tired of all them rocks in the sea"

Pretty pretty petticoats"
"Music without Words, pray for us"

"SIGNOR MAFFEI: (With a sinister smile)"

"Sad music"

"Monkey puzzle"

"What kind of a present to give"

"Fires in the houses of poor people"

"Christfox in leather trews"

"All future plunges to the past"

"She was humming"

"Silly billies:"

"Happy Happy"

"A sugarsticky girl"

"Everybody eating everyone else"

"Blood not mine"

"Sell your soul for that"

"Over the motley slush"

"My childhood bends"

"Don't you play the giddy ox with me!"


Fred Friction working his basement bar from the Flickr of Roy Francis Kasten. The sun may shine for Fred, but seldom on him.

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