Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Antique x-ray machine donated to Poetry Scores prop shop

These photographs popped up in the email today, sent by a dear friend I met through rock & roll as a manchild many years ago.

He has since gone into the health care field as a primary care practitioner, but he follows our weird doings. So he knows we are making a silent movie about the making of the atomic bomb.

The good doctor writes,

holy shit, i can't believe i just thought of this.

after 2 years of trying to donate my antiquated x-ray machine to a country in need, i am in the process of junking it. what a better place to junk it to than as a prop in a los alamos lab scene.

you interested? it would nearly be impossible for you to take the whole unit, however, i am sure you could rip some pieces off of the unit that just look cool.

Holy shit! We are interested. If it is impossible to take the whole unit, we will just rip some pieces off of the unit that just look cool.


Jay said...

But where is the machine located?

Poetry Scores said...

Undisclosed location near a major American river.

George Malich said...

Owww owww... I wanna be irradiated... I wannan be irradiated!!!!!!!

Poetry Scores said...

Radiologist friend plays spoiler and says it's not practical.