Friday, December 31, 2010

"Alcohol and used Father Peyote" with Mike Burgett

["Peyote Healing" by J. Myztico Campo , rights reserved by artist.]

We're scoring the poem O sadness over rage O rage over sadness by K. Curtis Lyle, and we have been rummaging for music in the key of Black Indian Cowboy Silent Western -- however you want to multiply construe any of those concepts.

Now comes along one Mike Burgett multiply construing concepts, with two blips of music for our consideration. Hours more like it from Mike, as I well know.

audio files

"Alcohol and used Father Peyote" *
(Mike Burgett)
Mike Burgett

"Dream burned butter" *
(Mike Burgett)
Mike Burgett

* I have given these songs provisional new titles taken verbatim from Curtis' poem. That is one of the ways to score a line of poem in a poetry score, to bestow it as a title onto an instrumental. Who knows how, where or if these pieces will actually find their way into the completed piece.


O sadness over rage O rage over sadness
By K. Curtis Lyle


The image is "Peyote Healing" by J. Myztico Campo, an artist we should try to involve in this project.



From car jam to lost rock bands to Black Indian Cowboy poem
Barbara Harbach string quintet for Black Indian Cowboy score
Spaghetti Western music for O sadness over rage O rage over sadness

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