Friday, June 4, 2010

Poetry Scores 2010 Experiential Auction

Poetry Scores will hold its 2010 Experiential Auction from 5-8 p.m. Sunday, June 6 at Atomic Cowboy, 4140 Manchester Ave. in St. Louis. Admission is $10, which will be discounted from your first winning bid. All proceeds from the auction will go to Poetry Scores, a St. Louis-based arts organization that translates poetry into other media.

If you can’t attend the event on Sunday and like the looks of some of the experiences listed below, you can bid in advance at and hope you win. You can also send proxy bid ceilings in advance to, and on Sunday we will appoint someone to bid on your behalf up to your stated limit for any experience. NOTE: This is a community enterprise; bidding starts at $10 minimum and usually goes up in increments of $10 or less. By the nature of the auction, your money will be managed conservatively.

We prefer cash, but accept checks (made out to “Poetry Scores”), PayPal or credit.

The unique experiences on silent and live auctions are:

* Dinner and a symphony concert with Fred Bronstein, president of the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra.

* Private tasting and tour with Schlafly head brewer Stephen Hale

* A burlesque lesson from Lola van Ella, producer of The Show-Me Burlesque Festival.

* Frontyard Features screens a movie on the big screen in your backyard.

* A private flight in a Piper Cherokee 160 aircraft with Brant Hadfield, who first soloed on his 16th birthday and obtained his private pilot's license on his 17th birthday (both FAA minimum age).

* A deluxe photo shoot with Wiley Price, photojournalist for The St Louis American

* Tour of the Missouri Capitol with retiring state Rep. Rachel Storch.

* Be alderwoman for a day as you shadow Ald. Kacie Starr Triplett.

* Tour of City Hall and lunch with Ald. Antonio D. French.

* A private tour of the City Museum for up to four people.

* A researched article on the history of your home or building by architectural historian Michael R. Allen.

* Missouri Poet Laureate David Clewell inscribes your baseball with a UFO drawing and poem.

* A trip to the gun range with Steve Fitzpatrick Smith, proprietor of The Royale.

* The artist Kim Keek Richardson paints your dream and gives you the signed painting.

* The artist Tim McAvin paints your band and gives you the signed painting.

* The artist Wiktor Szostalo draws you in the nude and you get to keep the signed portrait.

* A free class in “Falling Down with Sammich the Tramp” – a lesson in physical skit comedy with Kyla Webb.

* Atomic Cowboy bartender Matt Obermark offers his services as mixologist for two hours at your dinner party – U.S. Bartending Guild member headed to New Orleans for a national drink contest, he is.

* Lunch or dinner at O'Connell's Pub for 2-4 with legendary founder Jack Parker; food is on Jack, booze if any is on you.

* A romantic dinner for two at Senor Pique, the area’s finest Mexican dining

* You name a menu item at The Fountain on Locust (owners have veto power over obscene or offensive titles).

* You see the concert of your choice at The Pageant with Matt Fernandes of the Rock Candy blog on

* Kieran Molloy treats your party to two hours of live Irish music and songs

* You get six free appraisals on old toys or baseball items from Andy's Toys, Vintage Toy Shop (11624 Gravois Rd ~ Sunset Hills), a $20 gift certificate for the shop, and a copy of the new Surrealist Movement book: HYDROLITH.

* An Old North Flickr Tour with Old North resident and passionate amateur photographer Thom Fletcher

* Watch a Cardinals game at the location of your choice with James Blackwood and learn to score a baseball game.

* Poet and Tarot diviner Stefene Russell does your Tarot reading

* Artist and diviner Marth Rose reads your future from your palm and regales you with stories of Jack Ruby, her father's friend, over a bottle of good cheap red wine.

* Bodybag Man (aka Typewriter Tim Jordan) teaches you how to stay alive in a bodybag and to hop around in it.

* Wellness specialist Dianna Lucas treats you to yoga and a picnic in the park

* St. Louis bluesman Bob Case writes and records a blues song with, or for, you.

Again, send proxy bid ceilings to if you can’t come on Sunday to the Atomic Cowboy, 5-8 p.m. Throughout the event (and afterwards), Atomic Cowboy will be serving food and drinks, in its normal course of operation.

All bidding for all experiences starts at $10 minimum. You may email a proxy bid ceiling for any experience to (please put “Experiential Auction” in the subject line). Someone from Poetry Scores will confirm that your bid has been received. At the auction, your proxy will open bidding for you at $10 on your experience(s), and raise any competition you have $10 at a time until you win or get outbid beyond your ceiling.

Winners will receive a certificate stating they were the winning bidder for their experience and contact information for their experience donor. Poetry Scores also will follow through and make introductions between all experience donors and winners. The winners will have a complete calendar year (starting June 6, 2010) to collect on their experiences, and will need to sign a simple waiver taking personal responsibility for their health and well being while having their experiences.

All proceeds benefit Poetry Scores, a non-profit St. Louis-based arts organization that translates poetry into other media, including music, movies and visual art. For much more information, visit the blog at

Questions? Contact creative director Chris King at or 314-265-1435.


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More on proxy bids: You set limit for specific experience. We appoint proxy for you. Your proxy bids on your experience for $10. Then bids over your competition, if any, $10 at a time until your proxy wins for you, or hits limit your limit and loses.