Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Less reprehensible" (James Joyce's outlaw song)

Soldiering forward on the busting up into song lyrics the part of James Joyce's Ulysses I liked the best when I finally read the great book.

Still plucking from the chapter, deep in the text, written in Q&A form. The bit below I would like to hear set to music forms the midde part of a long answer to the question "Equanimity?"

I think of this as James Joyce's outlaw song.

"Less reprehensible"

As less reprehensible than theft,
highway robbery, cruelty to children
and animals, obtaining money
under false pretenses, forgery,
embezzlement, misappropriation
of public money, betrayal
of public trust, malingering,
mayhem, corruption of minors,
criminal libel, blackmail, contempt
of court, arson,treason, felony, mutiny
on the high seas, trespass,
burglary, jailbreaking, practice
of unnatural vice, desertion
from armed forces in the field,
perjury, poaching, usury,
intelligence with the king's enemies,
impersonation, criminal assault,
manslaughter, wilful
and premeditated murder.


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