Sunday, June 6, 2010

Introducing: The Larry Weir Memorial Chair in Zombie Dramatics

So, this evening we are hosting our third Experiential Auction. Doing public events are nailbiters always. But this year another mood besides anxiety was cast over the event.

We started to plan our second movie as the auction was coming together. Our plan is to always involve zombies in our movies in some way. I recalled that one of the experiences we sold last auction was to play a zombie in our next movie.

We auctioned off the experience to two different people, since volume is good when casting zombies. I got in touch with Scott Splater, one zombie experience buyer; he said he was good to go. But I had a problem with the other zombie actor we picked up through the auction. He had died.

It was Larry Weir. Larry, of course, was one of the original KDHX operatives and a longtime curator of songwriting in St. Louis. Also, always, a bon vivant and up for anything interesting. He would have made a great zombie. But he had died.

Larry had attended that auction with his wife, Kathy. I thought of Kathy. A lot of people have been thinking about Kathy. I got in touch with her.
Kathy, like many people I have been thinking about you. And now something odd has come up. We are starting our second movie, and Larry has a role in it as zombie he purchased on auction. I can tell you that and we can leave it privately with a smile; or if your spirit is right for it we could have some fun in Larry's honor. Think about it and talk to me.
Kathy wrote back right away.
It did make me smile. Larry was really looking forward to that! If timing permits, I'd love to take his place. I know he'd be very excited to know that you're starting on the new movie!
My move.
That was my suggestion! Further, I'd like to install The Larry Weir Memorial Chair in Zombie Dramatics for our future movies, with you as the first endowed chairperson. And publicize this in our offbeat way. Is that okay with your sense of things?
Kathy laughed out loud and said, "Yes. he'd get a kick out of it."

And so at this point, Poetry Scores is introducing: The Larry Weir Memorial Chair in Zombie Dramatics, and welcoming to the Go South for Animal Index cast the inaugural chairholder, Kathy Weir.


My photograph of Kathy and Larry is at The Royale during the auction where Larry bought the zombie experience. He also bought the experience of having a custom case of beer made to his specifications, then later wrote a nice essay, "Beer, baseball, and friends: a case," about that experience for us.


Unknown said...

Man, with all depressing news, lately, this is a welcome respite from all that. Thanks. Let the zombiemania begin!

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Poetry Scores said...

Bless you. God bless the dead.