Thursday, March 5, 2009

"Vanished from the central upsurge" materializes

Last night the Grammy man Adam Long and I had a very productive night in the studio. It was a night when things worked. We arrived at pretty satisfying rough mixes for six tracks on The Sydney Highrise Variations score.

On all of these, I imagined there would be more to them than just the source track and the voice, though these sound pretty good to me just as they are. And, when trying to finish a long, variegated project, something that is finished has the enormous advantage of being finished.

In the interest of stretching out my bloggable material, I will post mp3s of the rough mixes one at a time, with a photograph poached from a friend's Flickr that seems to illustrate the feel of the track. This amazing skyscrape is by Crane, one half of Another Umbrella (along with Richard Derrick), who will have such a large role in future poetry scores.

Free mp3

"Vanished from the central upsurge"
(Matt Fuller, Les Murray)
Three Fried Men, with Les Murray

This is one of those choice guitar parts Matt worked out in his sister's garage in Los Angeles. I have been trying to write a song to this guitar fragment, my God, for fifteen years. Glad it finally found a home.


Photo by Crane, from his Flickr.

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