Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Letter from Richard Alan Krieger, aka Crane

I am in Los Angeles on a little working vacation - today, that means I worked all day on The St. Louis American, I just did it in a hotel in L.A. rather than a newsroom in St. Louis. Which was a little weird.

On Friday it looks like I will be able to cut loose from the family and get down to San Pedro to see Richard Derrick and to meet Richard Alan Krieger, who records under the name "Crane," a nickname from his landscaping days (according to his bio).

My songwriting partner Matt Fuller and I met Richard Derrick in Pedro some years ago, and we have been in touch ever since. The recording of Richard's early 1980s band Middle Sleep he gave us has proved to be very useful to Poetry Scores. More recently, he sent me a vast archive of his other projects, including many volumes of improvisations by Another Umbrella, his project with Crane.

I look forward to meeting Crane and buying them both dinner on Poetry Scores' nickel. I already knew that Crane had played in suporting roles with The Minutemen. His bio tells me that his high school music teacher studied with the world-renowned classical trumpeter Rafael Mendez, who in his youth played regularly for Pancho Villa.

Anybody who was friends with d. boon and is one degree of separation away from Pancho Villa sounds like a good candidate for a friend of mine.

Here is an excerpt from Crane's letter of introduction to me, which gives a flavor of the kind of guy he is. A cool one, it seems.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to go through our large sonic archive and supporting our music, long ago recorded on tape recorders that were once the rage of the "Home Studio Revolution."

There's even more good stuff Richard has in our archives like one of my favorite projects, that of the bizarre quirky instrumental songs of our conceptual group "Kangaroo Court" whose songs were mostly based on Casio keyboard machines (as the basic track) which were a "funny new thing" to play with at the time (see/hear the D. Boon & Friends CD, which shows some of that playful fun).

Your poetry projects sound very cool and I'd like to learn/experience more about them. And the combining of music with poetry from other times and places may not always work (as you well know), but when it does it can turn into something completely new and special as extradimensional as a perception.

Recently I found some good websites to promote my music, writings andart work. so I put them all together to make-up my current resume (see below). Regarding my musical website, although the recordings vary in quality (from what I had equipment-wise at the time), the essence of the feeling I strived to create at the time remains the same.

As to my lyrical songs, I hope to market them to up and coming groups/singers. I'm not much into performing these days and much prefer composing which is closer to my heart at this time in my life.

Take care and I look forward to our get together.
Crane's "resume"


Photo by Crane is from his Flickr.

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