Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Stanley Bonaparte, Experiential Auction artifact

Meet Stanley Bonaparte.

Stanley is an artifact of the 2008 Experiential Auction, an annual event that benefits Poetry Scores.

Last year we auctioned off the experience of having your pet painted as Napoleon. A nice woman named Gail won the bidding war and submitted photographs of her dog Stanley.

Ryan Frank, aka Friction, working from the photos posted on this blog, executed the above portrait. I'll have to ask him how he refrained from depicting the paw slid inside the vest.

In 2007 we auctioned off your pet painted as the Mona Lisa, and Kevin Belford did a wonderful job with the Mona Bob, the dog of Tom Danforth.

Atomic Cowboy says it wants us back for the 2009 Experiential Auction, most likely this September. You know we will be trying to find an artist to paint the highest bidder's pet as some instantly recognizable publlic figure.

Any ideas?

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