Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jellysquid death squad w/ Eric reaching for beer

Local musician and producer Eric Hall won the bidding war at our recent Experiential Auction for the experience of local self-taught artist Dana Smith painting his band.

He purchased the experience for his new band, N. Nomurai. Elsewhere, I've tried to relate the fascinating story behind this project (with a lot of help from Eric himself), and also posted up here a photo Dana shot of the band on stage as part of his portrait process.

Now, Dana writes to Eric, "here's the progress on the painting [above] ... it's rather large, 30 x 40. So far so good ... but I did have a question. I recall one time when I sent you a photograph of you performing at Mangia and you didn't like the photo 'cause it had you smoking in it and you didn't want to promote that kind of activity in photographs of you (understandably). So, my question is ... in this painting you're reaching for a beer, any objections to keeping the beer in the painting or would you rather I take it out?"

I've heard no objections from Eric, which makes sense - cigarettes, bad; beer, good - so here is Dana's painting in progress.

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