Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jellyfish death squad band painting in progress

Eric Hall was the high bidder on the experience of having Dana Smith paint his band in live performance at the 2008 Poetry Scores Experiential Auction.

Eric, a man of many projects, is sharing that experience with his newest band, N. Nomurai. As I explain in a post on my personal blog (with lots of help from Eric's finely crafted band bio), this band takes its name and performance concept from a jellyfish that is proliferating posthumously in the Japan Sea after raids on it by jellyfish death squads.

The band MySpace page now has a folder of pictures Dana took of the band performing live at The Way Out Club. The one I have posted here looks like the best candidate for a painting to me.

We at Poetry Scores very much look forward to the finished painting!


Tony Renner said...

did you know that eric hall and co. released the cd -- anagrams: a tribute to derek bailey -- that i gave you a few weeks ago...?

-- tony

Dana Smith said...

While I have a great respect for you not only as a writer but also an artist I have to disagree with your choice of photo to paint. I do agree that photo has the most interesting action going on with the bass player bowing his bass but it's not the strongest composition and composition is the most important quality of a painting.

If you look at this picture closely

you will see a strong composition. The bass player on the far right anchors the side and gives a solid closure for the action. He defines the power in the piece (and the band). The drummer is in unison with the bass player and enforces the foundation created by the bass player.

on the left side you will see Eric countering both the bass player and the drummer with nothing more than the presence of his hand. He's also cloaked in a red wash of light, this also represents the power the band is capable of. Behind Eric the other bass player extends the formation that matches the first bass player.

Behind the band is a wall of black (with white writing). This color dominates the entire picture. At the bottom is a circle and a rectangle helping to keep this solid composition in harmony.