Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mockup for Sydney Highrise Variations poetry score

As we begin our final, frenetic push toward completing the recordings for our poetry score to The Sydney Highrise Variations by Les Murray, it becomes time to assemble ye olde dread online mockup, so as to have - all in one place, for everyone working on the project to consult - a snapshot of where we are now for each of the 27 tracks that will go on the final record.

We will release the final CD on Friday, Nov. 13 at The Luminary Center for the Arts, along with an Art Invitational where artists respond to the poem. The work will be sold on silent auction, with proceeds split equally between artist, venue and our organization Poetry Scores.

The Sydney Highrise Variations


My coproducer Matt Fuller and I will shuttle through this mockup this evening in a phone conference and assemble final notes on what we need to do to finish this thing. It's ever a challenge, when the core musicians for the project are dispersed between St. Louis, Nashville, Los Angeles and Chicago.


The image is an architectural drawing by Lij, which will form the basis of the cover art.


nosey parker said...


I'd fade in the line, "the stacked entrepot" and leave it at that. I think we recorded the vocals. Dave bringing in the low end at the beginning is beautiful. A Michael Joly modified MK-219 if this is the HATE ROOM recording.

Poetry Scores said...

I want to do something with this recording, but it doesnt work in the flow of the score, which gets very slow and experimental at this point ... Enormous is one track too many in that mode, unfortunately.