Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Monkey puzzle" (Fuller, Joyce, King)

At long last I have now finished James Joyce's Ulysses, with mixed feelings, but I still have lots of marginal notes left at passages that should make good rock song lyrics. This is all prose in the novel - prose with latent lyricism.

"Monkey puzzle"

a monkey puzzle rocket burst
spluttering in darting crackles

zrads and zrads,
zrads, zrads

And Cissy and Tommy
ran out to see

and Edy after
with the pushcar and then

Gerty beyond the curve
of the rocks

Will she? Watch!
Watch! See!

Looked round
she smelt an onion

Darling, I saw your
I saw all.

This really wants to be a brief, frenetic, but melodic piece of psychedelic pop. I'm eagerly awaiting some new guitar ideas from my songwriting partner in Hollywood, Matt Fuller. It will be fun to sing "zrads" over and over again!

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Monkey puzzle trees image from somebody's blog. I can see how that is a good shape for fireworks.

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