Friday, June 26, 2009

"Happy Happy" (Fuller, Joyce, King)

My buddy Matt Fuller is talking new guitar tapes from his Hollywood bungalow. Says he has seen all these James Joyce lyrics I am posting.

Good. Need ya, Matt. Here's another.

"Happy Happy"

Swish and soft flop
her stays made
on the bed.

Always warm
from her.

Always like
to let herself out.

Sitting there after
till near two,
taking out her hairpins.

Milly tucked up
in beddyhouse.

That was the night ...

This is Leopold Bloom enjoying a mam's private thoughts about private moments with a woman, his wife. A paragraph in Ulysses, but it so wants to be a piano song with long pauses.

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Image of corset with stays from Wikimedia.

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