Sunday, May 3, 2009

Blogpost as sticky note so I don't forget .e again

This is basically blogpost as slightly glorified sticky note, a digital reminder to remember a musician: .e (pronounced "dottie).

I was at Eric Hall's bar a Monday night or two ago, enjoying the music. He doesn't like the way I describe his music, but I would describe this stuff as ambient music based on an electric guitar figure.

I asked what it was, and he said it was a live recording of him and a girl named .e live at The Way out the previous Friday.

I told him I really liked it. He told me how to contact .e. Which I forgot! Just now I remembered, so I am popping this up here before I forget again.

"i play music. i guess i can fall into the one person band category. i sing and play guitar. i tend to perform my songs with the assistance of sequencers and loopers. sometimes, i will play an instrumental set (the kids call it "noise"). on special rarer occasions, i will play acoustically," .e writes on her MySpace page.

"i'm throwing all of these endeavors under the '.e' moniker (?) because i dont want to come up with clever names for every single thing i do (although i have nothing necessarily against this practice) as i feel they are all different ways of saying the same thing."

She lists as influences The Minutemen and Nels Cline, which I take to be further evidence that we should work together. Richard Derrick is all over our Poetry Scores projects, and he has played with The Minutemen and Nels Cline.

So, anyway, now this note is here. In case I forget her again, maybe at least I'll remember this note and look her up!

Oh, Eric tells me he and .e are performing on Thomas Crone's show on KDHX, and sure enough I see it listed on her site for noon Friday, May 29. Think I just might have to tune in.


Dana Smith said...

don't forget her, she's really great.
here's a photo from the way out performance
i would love to hear that recording.

Poetry Scores said...

Thanks! Lets get it from Eric!