Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thom Fletcher makes failed proxy bid for Jamillah

Lynn Josse took a few snaps of the 2008 Experiential Auction that she has posted on her Flickr site.

This particular image reveals Thom Fletcher making proxy bids for Jamillah Jones, who made advance bids of $100 for horseback riding with Robin Carnahan and for having Wiley Price shoot her personal portfolio. Jamillah was outbid on both.

I believe in this action shot, Thom is bidding for the photo shoot. I heard him later shyly remark that it was kind of fun to bid on something like that which would hold no personal interest for him. Thom is a good shooter, not not much of a poser.

I can't bear to look at these pictures myself. The people in them are drinking beer. I am recovering from oral surgery and not allowed to drink beer.

I love beer. I miss beer.

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