Friday, April 3, 2009

Radical acts of pro-active beauty with Lyndsey Scott

The great Lyndsey Scott and Holly Renee are opening The Flow Show tomorrow (Saturday, April 4 from 4-6 p.m. at Dana Smith's lovely shop City Art Supply, 3215 Cherokee St.

Lyndsey sets the scene in a vivid email. We are to expect: "Holla Otter dressed as water and me a Murmur ....... a painting show and swirly installation setting for a soiree of little mermaids."

Earlier in the day, our Lyndsey will be mixing political process with her art for all ages in helping to create "a colorful display of joy, whimsy, and community support to draw attention to our goal" of a Plaza for the People at the intersection of Cherokee and Texas streets.

In name magic alone, that has to be one powerful intersection. Lyndsey reports aldermanic resistance to the project and appeals to the public to get educated and, perhaps, involved. She says,

Our friends the community gardeners are planning to wheelbarrow down a special load of rich earth as a ceremonial offering. We'll be distributing homemade seedbombs inscribed "The Greening of Cherokee" to encite radical acts of pro-active beauty.
The mix of art and grass-roots politics is where our girl is at, she says. "This is how I balanced my time last month -- alternating between stiff neighborhood meetings and political process, & then escaping to a very imaginary land where balance - surrender - pleasure are the name of the game ...."

Dana's shop (314-771-5375) will be open from noon tomorrow. New items just arrived, he says: Universal Ink, Black Magic Ink, new screens for screen printing and Fabric Ink in a variety of colors. I have been drawing pictures at the Symphony on my most recent purchase from City Art Supply.

Lyndsey and Dana are both regular contributors to Poetry Scores projects. Lyndsey's name came up again at the most recent board meeting as a contributor to the Art Invitational, and Dana's contribution of having your band painted was a major highlight of Experiential Auction 2009.

Tomorrow when I stop by with my little family, perhaps I can enlist one or both of them to participate in one or both of our events this year, scheduled for September 13 (Experiential Auction) and November 13 (Art Invitational). Mark your calendars!

Images by Dana Smith from the City Art Supply show and its setup from the Asbestos Sister Photobucket.

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