Thursday, November 20, 2008

! Free as the spirit in Lyndsey Scott !

Last night was a memorable night in the Poetry Scores universe, and this amazing new piece by everybody's favorite local hero kick-ass superstar evangelist of being yourself again Lyndsey Scott was right there in the middle of it.

Literally. Right there in the middle of the table at John and Catherine and Claire Eiler's house as we drank good beer and red wine and, at the last minute, and in not much more than a minute, hashed out the last-minute details for the art show while John's art, his pate (pat TAY) four ways perfumed the house from the oven where it baked.

What art show?

Why, that would be Poetry Scores' 2008 Art Invitational from 6-10 p.m. this Friday, Nov. 21 (that's, like, tomorrow) at Hoffman LaChance Contemporary (3100 Sutton Blvd. in Maplewood). That's Lyndsey Scott - and about 24 other artists (almost as cool as she) from St. Louis, Chicago, Los Angeles and some sunforsaken Colorado hamlet - making work in reponse to K. Curtis Lyle's wild and crazy poem about 9/11, Nailed Seraphim, which Poetry Scores published last year in a double-headed book and will try to sell you tomorrow when you're not bidding on all of the fabulous art, available on silent auction and priced, mostly, cheaper than cheap.

Take this Lyndsey Scott kid, for example. (Take her, but bring her back. Oh yeah, bring back Jenna Bauer, too, while yer at it, why don't ya.) Lyndsey's piece, above - that I hoped you doubleclicked on, on account of that makes it bigger so you can see it better - is going out there with an opening bid of $77. ! Seventy-seven dollars ! That's, like, two tanks of gas. Except only Lyndsey Scott won't be buying any gas. She is pedalling her bike into a green future of no dead dinosaurs being excavated and drilled, drilled, drilled into our brains as the reason why we should vote, vote, vote for a mooseshooting Republican for president.

Lyndsey Scott has been whispering to me in taverns about this new piece of hers and then adding, in a LOUD whisper (and there is such a thing), "!THIS IS FOR YOU, NOT FOR YOUR BLOG!," so I'm not supposed to tell you what little I know about it, dear blogspot, however, EVERYbody gets to know that she titled it "The House of God Is Also A Black Hole," which is a phrase from Curtis' great poem, and that's playing by the rules, because that's what a Poetry Scores art invitational is: art about the same poem, titled with language from the poem, then arranged in space according to where in the flow of the poem the language chosen as a title appears.

Here is how the poem be flowing from Lyndsey's title.

6. The House of God Is Also A Black Hole

Those who experience the created thing
Must also experience the uncreation

Mortice caught on fire
And got completely fulfilled
He came back home
And got completely cancelled

It was sort of like training for twenty years
To climb Mount Everest

Your time comes
You make the ascent
You court that impeccable calling
You come back home
You get run down in the street and killed
While jay walking

Oh, yeah, and Jenna Bauer did come back home - for Thanksgiving, you know, like a good girl - and she did come to the Eilers' house last night, but nothing bad happened to her in the street like that, and though we don't get to keep her (yet), she will be at the art show tomorrow night. So show up and buy her a beer. Except, you won't have to buy her a beer. The beer is free, and it will be good beer, because it will be Schalfly beer, and Curtis will perform his poem with Baba Mike Nelson and David A.N. Jackson and Christopher Y. Voelker, and that, too, will be free.

! Free as the spirit in Lyndsey Scott !

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