Saturday, April 18, 2009

A house, a boat and a love song from Judd

I brought some copies of Poetry Scores projects for people in Seattle we might want to work with or involve in some day down the road.

I grabbed some copies of records we happen to have the most copies of in stock: Leo Connellan's Crossing America, the first poetry score proper, and Walker With His Head Down by Eleanor Roosevelt, which has many song settings of poetic texts.

At a really pleasant local gig on Thursday night, I gave a copy of each to Lino from the band Bandolier, who I'd like to have contribute some songwriting if I can interest him and find the right text.

I gave a copy of Walker With His Head Down to Rachel Jacobson-Larson, the fiddler for the band Forget Me Nots, since that record has quite a bit of fiddling (and because our band Eleanor Roosevelt has a longstanding policy of giving our records away to pretty girls).

I gave a copy of Crossing America to Forget Me Nots' drummer, Brad Gibson, because his ridiculously tasteful, dynamic and imaginative playing reminded me so much of Billy Teague, whose playing is scattered all over that record.

This left out bassist Nigel Goss, who I'd like to come back to in another context, and frontman and songwriter Judd Wasserman. Judd obviously is the motive force behind the band, but I had these other important reasons (physical beauty, the Billy Teague thing) to give away records to the other players.

I wanted to make sure Judd knew about the handoffs, though, and had a chance to hear our records, so I stopped him, thanked him for his music, and passed on the info. He said, "Did anyone give you one of our records?" No one had, so he did. Nice man, as he had seemed from the stage.

I contacted him yesterday and asked if I could post a few mp3s to spread the word, and he said sure. So, here you go. Hoepfully one day he will apply this great songwriting gift to a Poetry Scores project.

Free mp3s

(Judd Wasserman)
Forget Me Nots

"This Boat"
(Judd Wasserman)
Forget Me Nots

(Judd Wasserman)
Forget Me Nots

Judd's FaceBook page says he is in a relationship with Rachel, who sings with him on this song. Poetic license would suggest that he also wrote this beautiful love song for her. Hope so.

More music, videos and information at their MySpace page.

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