Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rick Hawkins captures a Tennessee kiln

I find a lot of poetry in this photograph by my buddy Rick Hawkins from his blog. It's a picture of a friend's kiln.

Rick contributed to the Art Invitational for Blind Cat Black and would probably keep contributing, if we only remembered to ask him. Rick lives in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, so we don't always remember him when compiling lists of artists.

Rick has been associated with our project from its prehistory in the field recording project Hoobellatoo. He met the first poet we scored, Leo Connellan, on an early Hoobellatoo field recording trip. The first poetry score CD, Leo's Crossing America, bears Rick's moving photograph of Leo on the back.

Rick also hosted us in the 'Boro for the one and only Poetry Scores tour. He packed his house on our behalf and we sold quite a bit of stuff.

A final connection: Rick's home recording project Jackson Pollock Microphone often borrows the poetry score technique by doing settings of texts. His current tracklist on MySpace includes "boss of the duplex planet," which must be a tribute to David Greenberger, an ancestor of our project.

Kindred spirit, for sure.

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