Thursday, April 2, 2009

Poetry Scores picks 13s for 2009 event dates

Last night at our board meeting, held at lovely but noisy Sasha's on Shaw, we set dates for our two big annual events this year.

For the Experiential Auction, we will shoot for Sunday evening, September 13. Atomic Cowboy already has volunteered its courtyard.

We brainstormed about experiences we will try to offer this year. John Eiler had a good idea for a wrecking and demolition experience, for one. As we confirm donations, I will start to list the experiences on auction. Matt Fernandes has established a Poetry Scores PayPal account, and we intend to research how to start the auction online this year.

For the Art Invitational devoted to The Sydney Highrise Variations, we are shooting for Friday, November 13 (which also becomes the deadline to have the score finished and printed to CD). The venue is up in the air at this point.

The last couple of years we had a great experience working with Hoffman LaChance, but their new space probably just isn't big enough. (We came up with a list of forty artists to invite on the spot last night; Michael and Alicia's new space is perfect for an intimate four-person show.)

Stephen Lindsley, new to the board, runs the Art Patrol blog and really knows the scene. He has suggested Belas Artes. Looking at its calendar right now, there seems to be hole right around November 13, so we need to get right on that project.

Both the Experiential Auction and Art Invitational have an added advantage this year, in that treasurer Serra Bording-Jones and volunteer lawyer Mathew Poetry worked with the IRS to get our tax-exempt non-profit status approved. We plan to get a succinct statement from Mathew Poetry on who can write off what on their taxes when they donate experiences or art to us; or, God bless the people, when they spend their money on us.

The only other public project we discussed for 2009 would be to co-sponsor K. Curtis Lyle's upcoming performance in Los Angeles, where he would promote the publication Poetry Scores did for him, his beautiful two-faced book, Nailed Seraphim b/w The Epileptic Camel Driver Speaks to a Refugee Death: Elegy for Fakin' Floyd Raintree - still in print and available through us and at most independent shops in St. Louis.

Speaking of "in print," Stephen Lindsley volunteered to look into reprints of Blind Cat Black and Go South for Animal Index, which are basically sold out (or given out), and Charlois Lumpkin has shouldered the burden of managing our various consignment deals, once I dig up the various receipts and take her around to meet people.

Finally, we decided that Poetry Scores should become a member of KDHX Community Media, now in the throes of a spring fundraising drive. I was walking up to the meeting when that piece of business was transacted, but I vote we join through the radio station's one poetry show, Literature for the Halibut.


Logo by former board president Robert Goetz.

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