Thursday, April 9, 2009

Geoffrey Seitz, our go-to oldtime fiddler

Geoffrey Seitz, a longtime contributing musician to Poetry Scores, is the subject of a beautiful photoessay and multimedia package by Erik Lunsford of The Post-Dispatch. Geoff is an oldtime fiddler and traditional violinmaker - one of the best in either business.

He was brought to my attention in the early 1990s, when I was writing for the Ray Hartmann-era Riverfront Times. Geoff had just won the most prestigious oldtime fiddle competition, held every year in Virginia. A friend of his (who owned a flower shop) knew Geoff wouldn't mess with promoting himself, so she called me out of the blue and told me I should write a story about him.

I did, and we have been together ever since - as friends and, eventually, bandmates. I was extremely blessed to have him play with me in Three Fried Men, and he has never said no when I asked him to play on a recording. I have kept writing about him, too, most recently in St. Louis Magazine.

Here is a brief sampling of Geoff's fiddle work on Poetry Scores project. So far, so good - he has been on every one!

Free mp3s

From Crossing America

"Rain and the sea"
(Trad.; adapted from "Napoleon Crossing the Rhine")
"Horror is easy"
(Trad; adapted from "Indian et a woodchuck")
With Dave Landreth on banjo

From Blind Cat Black

"Black Coal"
(Ece Ayhan, Chris King, Murat Nemet-Nejat)
With Three Fried Men

From Go South for Animal Index

"The old moon sleeps in the new moon's arms"
(Matt, Fuller, Chris King, Stefene Russell)
With Three Fried Men


Visit Geoff at his violin shop, 4171 Loughborough Avenue.

Photo by Erik Lunsford.

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