Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In the shadows of 'Nailed Seraphim'

Thom Fletcher reports that Elaine Marschik took some excellent pictures of the Nailed Seraphim Art Invitational. I'll be borrowing some of her images for future microfeatures, but here for now is a guided tour:

Gene Harris' power figure Nailed watches on as the people talk amongst themselves

Kevin Belford discusses his technique in creating The Relative Hurricane of Humanity, which found a happy home with Eve, in the shadow of Nicholas Lang's sculpture and just down the way from Carmelita Nunez's piece

Andrew Torch holds forth

Baba Mike Nelson's conch collection (catch Mike this evening - Tuesday - at The Gramophone)

Our friends from the Republic of Georgia take it all in.

Thom adds, "I believe Elaine has been to all three art invitationals so far" - Blind Cat Black, Go South for Animal Index and Nailed Seraphim - "and has pictures of Go South if you look back far enough for them."

I guess I'll be looking back far enough for them.

All photographs by Elaine Marschik, who clearly knows how to use that thing. Thanks to Thom and Elaine.

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madsp said...

Oh my god. That thing is what nightmares are made of.