Saturday, November 29, 2008

Doris joins invitational, responds to oatmeal & flag

In addition to the photographs, videos and reviews of the 2008 Nailed Seraphim Art Invitational that we have come across, we would like to report that new work was also made on-site at Hoffman LaChance the night of the show.

It was my bad not to have recorded her last name for posterity, but a little girl named Doris made these drawings. She was a little too old to cling to her mama's leg, and not quite old enough to entertain herself by looking at art or by looking at grownups looking at art, so I asked her if she wanted to draw.

Her answer was the universal answer of children to this question: "Sure!" (Despite having once been a child who would have seized every opportunity to draw and done just fine, almost all adults answer the same question with a self-defeating answer: "I can't draw" or, maybe, "I haven't drawn in years," which implies "and I'm not about to start now".)

Doris' mother - whose name also escaped me - said Doris used this first piece as a forum for working out a signature struggle of that particular day in her life on earth: the imperative to eat oatmeal (again), owing to its alleged nutritious benefits.

I don't know where the flag piece, the visual salute to our "highfiveing flag" of the United States, came from. Maybe Barack Obama?


Any help further identifying Doris is welcome. She and her mother were the guest of Mike Paradise, the man of their house.

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