Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanks so far, who knows what's next

I'll offer a very widespread but heartfelt thanks to the many people who have helped Poetry Scores over the years, beginning with its roots in Hoobellatoo, and before the roots, its seeds in the bands Three Fried Men, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Enormous Richard.

So many talented people from so many disciplines have helped us evolve this vision, and I foresee nothing but future evolutions, involving more and more creative people from more and more disciplines, all dedicated to translating poetry into other media: into music, film, drawings, paintings, sculptures, video installations, blogs, art books, beer, food, ritual, sword fight, horse rides, dogs painted as the Mona Lisa, who knows what else is possible.

As a place saver, I'll also introduce here a new St. Louis musician, Aaron Mansfield, sketched roughly from his CD cover. He works with Poetry Scores board member and executive chef John Eiler, who brings this purveyor of blue-eyed soul into the fold.

I hope to pull Aaron into a collective collaboration on a score to Sali's Ark, which we hope to premiere up and down Cherokee Street in the spring. Aaron, when you end up reading this, go and read Sali's Ark and see what the seraphim start singing in your ear. I think the fourth movement, "A River," would be the place for blue-eyed soul to dive in.

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