Friday, November 28, 2008

Sunsets and Television and Jenna Bauer

Jenna Bauer, founding board member of Poetry Scores (now living and working in the Hudson Valley), has a show of what she describes as "signature and large scale works created during final moments of the twentieth century" on show and for sale at MOSSA CENTER, 1214 Washington Ave. in Downtown Saint Louis.

These all look like deeply beloved old friends, to me, having admired them on the walls of Jenna's studio and, in some cases, in her previous solo show at Bruno David Gallery.

Such works on display include:

* Silverback, 1999, 36" x 37" x 7"
* Deep Blue Under, 1999, 58" x 49" x 9"
* Crust, 1999, 56" x 46" x 6"
* Sunsets and Television, 1999, 34" x 36" x 9" (pictured here)
* Gold on Everything, 1999, 56" x 19" x 11"

That sounds like the track list for an e.p. of sumptuous paisley coutry pop music - somebody should ask Gary Louris and Mark Olson if they need any song titles after they get back together and stay.

And there's also some Jenna stuff from this new century in the show:
* The Cliffs, 2005, 41" x 43" x 3"
* Sky, 2007, 37" x 35" x 5"
* The Richest Soil, 2007, 42" x 41" x 3"
* Sky Grass Soil, 2007, 42" x 41" x 3"
though I'm not quite feeling these as song titles, unless they were open-ended improvisations with Eric Hall directing them from deep within a complicated narrative about geologic change.

The space is open Monday through Saturday, 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call 314.241.5199 for more information.

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