Thursday, February 12, 2009

Who says meetings are an excuse to drink beer?

Poetry Scores had a remarkably productive board meeting last night at Sasha's on Shaw. We got news!

The one and only Dianna Lucas is our new board president!

The new president is going to set up a FaceBook profile for us and attempt to spread the word about us thataway.

New board member Stephen Lindsley has agreed to lead our search for a venue for the 2009 Art Invitational (he thinks the new Hoffman LaChance space may be too small).

Stephen also has agreed to play bass in a working band version of Three Fried Men, which will enable us to play songs from our scores around town at gigs.

Board member Charlois Lumpkin has agreed to run our little consignment operation. Our records and books are available at: Firecracker Press, 2838 Cherokee; Vintage Vinyl, 6610 Delmar; Euclid Records, 601 East Lockwood; Laumeier Sculpture Park, 12580 Rott Road; Left Bank Books, 399 N. Euclid; and Apop Records, 2831 Cherokee. And maybe more places one Charlois gets cracking!

We agreed to do new printings of two of our scores, Blind Cat Black and Go South for Animal Index.

We agreed to pay a modest $100 honorarium to three people who put a lot of time and/or money into the recent Nashville sessions for this year's score, The Sydney Highrise Variations: Lij (free studio time, several days of free production), Marc Primeau (many hours of volunteer production), and Matt Fuller (paid his way from L.A.).

Board member Matt Fernandes has set up our PayPal account - which will come in handy at the Art Invitational in November, wherever we do that, and at the Experiential Auction in September, which we are doing at Atomic Cowboy again.

We agreed to postpone our ambitious plans for a multi-venue Art Invitational for Sali's Ark, board member K. Curtis Lyle's poem about the late daughter of board member John Eiler, Marcella Sali Grace.

Dianna's friend Kimberly Gunn-Stone sniffed us out and is considering joining the board.

We even came out of the meeting being more productive.

Today board treasurer Serra Bording-Jones put almost the final, finishing touches on our papers for the IRS with our volunteer lawyer Mathew Poetry, and I set up a meeting with choreographer Alice Bloch, to see if she wants to translate one of our future scores into a dance production.

Long live Poetry Scores! Our board meetings are fun, too!

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Blue said...

Oh Dang! What an amazing post - and the material contained! Right On! and a Hell Yeah!