Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tribute to Sali Thursday on Literature for the Halibut

This Thursday, Feb. 26 at 7 p.m. the plucky spoken word show on KDHX FM 88.1 Literature for the Halibut will feature a tribute to the late Marcella Sali Grace, as a preview to a reading in her memory at 7 p.m. this Saturday, February 28, at Stone Sprial Coffeehouse, 2500 Sutton Blvd. in Maplewood.

On the radio: K. Curtis Lyle and Sali's father, John Eiler (both Poetry Scores board members).

I expect Curtis will read from his long poem Sali's Ark, an elegy for this amazing spirit who was raped and murdered last fall in Oaxaca, Mexico. I exect John will read his own striking poem in memory of his daughter. I am sure John also will tell tales of her remarkable, short life.

This sounds bathetic, but I have a racquetball date at the time. No worry; the show will stream for a couple of weeks on the show's website.

I also can pass up no chance to link to Tim McAvin's score to a fragment of Curtis elegy for Sali, Stealing the Baby's Milk.


Picture of Sali from an anarchist blog.

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