Friday, February 27, 2009

Psychic reportage on the murder of a girl

Claire Eiler made this evocative drawing just before her dad, John Eiler, received the horrible news that his older daughter, Marcella Sali Grace, had been raped and killed in Oaxaca, Mexico, last fall.

Claire said the top image was Sali waving, "Goodbye."

It's remarkable that Sali managed to instigate memorials before she was completely gone.

Most of us who see this image strongly feel it is a kind of psychic reportage on the violent act committed against Sali.

John talked about this image, Sali's life, modern Mexican history and Sali's death on Literature for the Halibut last night. The show is streaming now on the KDHX site. John has a well stocked mind and is eloquent - this is quite a narrative.

He also points listeners to the journalist John Gibler's detailed report on Sali's murder.

John was joined on the air by poet K. Curtis Lyle and accompanist David A.N. Jackson. They all will appear together 7 p.m. Saturday night, February 28, at Stone Spiral Coffeehouse, 2500 Sutton Blvd. in Maplewood.

Curtis will read from his long poem Sali's Ark, which we intend to score and release with an art invitational. Tim McAvin has already produced a fragment of the score, Stealing the Baby's Milk. Curtis gave it two thumbs up, "only because I don't have three thumbs."

I expect John will also read his own striking poem in memory of his daughter, cast in terms of a cooking lesson.


Thom said...

Tonight at Stone Spiral, the door blew open twice. Once when John was talking about Sali and once again when Curtis read "The Girl Who Opens Doors". A wind came through the door and ruffled flyers and copies of the poem.

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DNLee said...

I've visited Oaxaca in 2004. It wasn't quite as bad then, but there were shady parts of town and we warned to be careful. I'm sorry for the family's lost. But the drawing by the young girl is remarkable. I've always believed some persons had special abilities to sense things..good and bad.