Friday, October 16, 2009

Workbook for "Peajacket era" & "Repeat their lines"

Blog as workbook here.

These are arrangements for two of the guitar parts for songs we will be recording from scratch in Nashville this weekend. I'll pair them with, here, the parts of the poem we will be singing onto them (or overdubbing with Les' reading).

"Repeat their lines repeat their lines"

Ingots of sheer
affluence poles
bomb-drawing grid
of columnar profit

tunnels in the sky

high window printouts
repeat their lines
repeat their lines
credit conductors
repeat their lines

bar graphs on blue
glass tubes of boom

in concrete wicker
each trade Polaris
government Agena
fine print insurrected

tall things on a tray
repeat their lines
repeat their lines

[This has line breaks and repetitions that reflect what I will sing, not what Les wrote. He repeats the lines, but not as much as I will when I sing it.]


"The peajacket era"

All around them is the old order: brewery brick terrace hospital
horrible workplace;

the scale of the tramway era,
the peajacket era, the age of the cliff-repeating woolstores.

South and west lie the treeless suburbs, a mulch of faded flags,

north and partly east, the built-in paradise forest.

[Again, adding extra line breaks to reflect the pacing of the reading we will use.]


Picture of some feller named Thomas Q. Peiffer in a peajacket from a picture gallery of the Peiffer family.

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