Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sydney Highrise Variations Art Invitational: a Preliminary Mockup

Michael Hoffman
'"the concrete vault on its thousands
of tonnes of height, far above the tidal turnaround."

Tim McAvin
“Inked in by scaffolding and workers”

Thom Fletcher
"The city kept her flavour fire-ladder high"

Thom Fletcher
"To limit them to standing on economic grounds. With their twists of sculpture"

Chris King


Chris King


Thom Fletcher
"The worldwide breath of
Catching Up may serve to keep the mighty, slowing
machine aloft beyond our time".

Robin Street-Morris
"To be solar, I must be nuclear --"

Daniel Shown
"Six hundred glittering and genteel towns
gathered to be urban in plein air,
more complex in their levels than their heights
and vibrant with modernity's strange anger."

Tony Renner
"more complex in their levels than their heights
and vibrant with modernity's strange anger"


These are ten of what finally will be more than seventy-five works of art (taking into account the various variations) that will be displayed at The Luminary Center for the Arts on Friday, Nov. 13, when Poetry Scores will host its 2009 Art Invitational.

Every piece in the show will respond to Les Murray's poem The Sydney Highrise Variations and be titled their using a verbatim quote from the poem. We will then hang the work in the space according to where in the flow of the poem the language chosen for the title appears - as I have done for these ten pieces.

Daniel's and Tony's pieces posted here are each one of numerous variations they are doing on their chosen theme.

I also feel compelled to add that, though half of these ten pieces are by the least accomplished contributors to the show (Thom Fletcher and myself, Chris King; neither of us artists, per se), nearly everyone in the show is a genuine, accomplished, and talented visual artists. Amateurs like Thom and me just are a little more excited by the gig and got started earlier!

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