Sunday, September 20, 2009

44 confirmed artists for 2009 Art Invitational

We now have what could be the final list of 42 contributing artists for the 2009 Poetry Scores Art Invitational, which will be held Friday, Nov. 13 at The Luminary.

This year's Invitational is dedicated to The Sydney Highrise Variations by the Australian poet Les Murray. Each artist will be making work in response to the poem and titling their work after a verbatim piece of language from the poem. I have included titles when I know them.

Gina Alvarez
Jenna Bauer
Michael Behle
Kevin Belford
Keith Buchholz
Heather Corley: "The starving spirit is fed upon the heart"
Jon Cournoyer
Greg Edmondson: “Sick beloved engine”
Nancy Exarhu
Thom Fletcher: "The city kept her flavour fire-ladder high," "To limit them to standing on economic grounds. With their twists of sculpture," "The worldwide breath of Catching Up may serve to keep the mighty, slowing machine aloft beyond our time"
Christopher Gustave
Sue Hartman
Michael Hoffman
Alexa Hoyer
Chris King: “Dante,” “Cromwell”
Alicia LaChance
Dianna Lucas
Julie Malone
Goran Maric
Brea McAnally
Tim McAvin: "Inked in by scaffolding and workers"
Tim Meehan: "To be solar, I must be nuclear"
John Minkoff
Carmelita Nunez
Melanie Persch
Hap Phillips
Jeremy Rabus
Tony Renner

Kim Richardson
Stefene Russell: "The cantilevered behemoth
is fitted up with hospitals and electric Gatling guns
to deal with recalcitrant and archaic spirits."
Lyndsey Scott
Colin Michael Shaw
Daniel Shown
Dana Smith: "Freud's cobwebbed poem"
Robin Street-Morris - "To be solar, I must be nuclear--"
Justin Tolentino
Andrew Torch: "On the summit that exhilarates cars"
Cindy Tower
Jason Wallace Triefenbach: "We must fly in potent circles!"
Nita Turnage: "Repeat their lines repeat their lines"
Robert Van Dillen
Amy VanDonsel
Grace Woodard
Eric Woods


All work will be sold that night at The Luminary on silent auction, with proceeds split three ways between artist, venues and Poetry Scores, a Missouri nonprofit corporation dedicated to translating poetry into other media.


The image is of Tim McAvin's already completed piece, "Inked in by scaffolding and workers".

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