Thursday, November 7, 2013

A gallery of 'Snow White' mirror selfies

We asked people to take a mirror selfy and title the photograph after a phrase in Anne Sexton's poem "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." Here is what we got, presented in the order their titles appear in the poem.

"Cheeks as fragile as cigarette paper"
Gina Dill-Thebeau

"open and shut"
Hunter Brumfield III

"She is white as a bonefish"
Kim Wingett

"eaten, of course, by age"
Chris King

"You will dance the fire dance in iron shoes"
Nick Barbieri

"The stepmother had a mirror to which she referred --
something like the weather forecast"
Sharon Derry

"And the mirror would reply"
Tim Meehan

"Pride pumped in her like poison"
Rene Spencer Saller

"Suddenly one day the mirror replied,
Queen you are full fair, 'tis true,
but Snow White is fairer than you."
Prinsess Tarta

"you are full fair, 'tis true,
but Snow White is fairer than you."
Heather Pillow

"Until that moment Snow White
had been no more important
than a dust mouse under the bed"
Gina Dill-Thebeau

"Bring me her heart,
she said to the hunter,
and I will salt it and eat it."
Sharon Derry

"Now I am fairest, she said,
lapping her slim white fingers."
Ipek Subasi

"The birds called out lewdly"
Nicky Rainey

"The birds called out lewdly"
Gina Dill-Thebeau

"Talking like pink parrots"
Cem Subasi

"And the snakes hung down in loops"
Ann Hirschfeld

"They asked her to stay and keep house"
Heidi Dean

"she came to the seventh mountain"
Robin Street-Morris

"Beware of your stepmother, they said.
Soon she will know you are here."
Beth Owen

"While we are away in the mines
during the day, you must not
open the door."
John Parker

"The mirror told"
Ann Hirschfeld

"and so the queen dressed herself in rags
and went out like a peddler to trap Snow White."
Ree Cee

"This time she bought a poison comb"
Michelle Koelling

"This time she bought a poison comb,
a curved eight-inched scorpion,
and put it in her hair and swooned again."
Erica R. Brooks

"Snow White, the dumb bunny,
opened the door
and she bit into a poison apple
and fell down for the final time."
Dawn O'Neall

"Though they washed her with wine
and rubbed her with butter
it was to no avail."
Stefene Russell

"A prince came one June day"
Jay Alan Babcock

"And still he would not leave"
Scott Intagliata

"The dwarfs took pity upon him"
Scott Intagliata

"First your toes will smoke
and then your heels will turn black
and you will fry upward like a frog,
she was told.
And so she danced until she was dead,
a subterranean figure"
Anita Jung

"And so she danced until she was dead,
a subterranean figure"
Heather Corley

"Meanwhile Snow White held court"
Deb Douglas

"Sometimes referring to her mirror as women do"
Amy VanDonsel

Want to play? Take a mirror selfy, title it from the poem and then email it to or post it to Poetry Scores on Facebook or Twitter.

This is all part of Poetry Scores' celebration of Anne Sexton's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," done with permission of Linda Gray Sexton and the Anne Sexton Estate.

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