Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gertrude Stein scored for 69 women's voices & pole dance duet

Gertrude Stein writing in 1920.

On Friday, May 10, Poetry Scores will premiere two new scores of Gertrude Stein's 1913 poem "Yet Dish" -- for 69 women's voices, and for pole dance duet by Gravity Plays Favorites.

The show, held at Mad Art, 2727 So. 12th St. in Soulard, is free and open to the public. Mad Art will run a cash bar.

Confirmed thus far for the reading are Gina Alvarez, Elva Maxine Beach, Jill Bieker, April Casey, Gail Cassily, Ree Cee, Lisa Harper Chang, Jeanne Davis Brawn, Amy Broadway, Rhonda Broussard,Valerie Brunies, Sarah Kate Buckles, Lisa Cagle, Cindy Corley, Heather Corley, Tereva Corley, Kat Dunne, Andrea Avery Durway, Michele Dvorak, Catherine Eiler, Frances Agnes Emmons, Lisa Fioretti, Barbara Floreth, Lori Fowler, Alia Georges, Martha Rose Green, Beverly Hacker, Jill Hamilton, Tabitha Hassell, Maureen Hanlon, Rin Henderson, Ann Hirschfeld, Wendy Hymes, Christine Stroer Ingrassia, Georgia Johnston, Aparna Kalyanaraman, Kris Kleindienst, Joan Lipkin, Julie Malone, Cynthia McCafferty, Dawn Majors, Maria Guadalupe Massey, Carrie Meyer, Mali Newman, Sarah Paulsen, Joyce Pillow, Erin Quick, Laura Rainey, Nicky Rainey, Treasure Redmond, Kathy Reed-Broege, Megan Rieke, Rebecca S. Rivas, Darlene Roy, Stefene Russell, Ginny Schwartz, Laura Shields, V. Elly Smith, Wendy Todd, Nita Turnage, Leslie Kern Rundquist, Gabriela Scalpone, Nikki Sweets, Patricia Vinyard, Julia A. Walker, Rita Washington, Kathy Rogers Weir, Agnes Wilcox, Chelsey Wheeler, Bella Words and the women of Gravity Plays Favorites, Katrina Dohl and Michelle Mynx.

Readers will need to arrive by 7 p.m. on May 10 and will be handed one of the poem's 69 numbered sections when they arrive.

Gravity Plays Favorites is a world-renowned pole dance duet, known for their death- and gravity-defying acrobatics that manage somehow to be breakneck, sexy and intellectually stimulating at the same time.

 Gravity Plays Favorites by David McWhirter

These premieres of poetry scores of "Yet Dish" will be followed by a potluck repast featuring dishes prepared using at least one ingredient mentioned in "Yet Dish" or in Andreas' Embirikos' 1935 poem Blast Furnace, as translated from the Greek by Nikos Stabakis. A list of ingredients from the poem is listed on this here blog post for those who'd like to bring a dish.

During the repast, Poetry Scores will premiere recordings of seven previously produced scores of Embirikos' poem in a listening party atmosphere:

* Barbara Harbach's score Phantom of the Dreams' Origin (premiered January 11 at the Touhill)

* Live scores to Embirikos poems written and recorded November 9, 2012 at Mad Art by Nick Barbieri, Mike Burgett, Amy & John Camie, Ann Hirschfeld & Mark Buckheit, Tim McAvin and Tim Rakel.


The schedule for Friday, May 10:

6:30 p.m. * Doors open; potluck drop-off; light grazing

7:00 p.m. * All readers should be in the house.

7:30 p.m. * "Yet Dish" scored for 69 women's voices

8:00 p.m. * Gravity Plays Favorites performs their pole dance score of "Yet Dish"

8:15 p.m. * Potluck opens for real

8:30 p.m. * Premiere of recording of Barbara Harbach's Phantom of the Dreams' Origin

9:00 p.m. * Premiere of recordings of live scores by Nick Barbieri, Mike Burgett, Amy and John Camie, Ann Hirschfeld & Mark Buckheit, Tim McAvin and Tim Rakel, produced by Adam Long
For more information, email Poetry Scores creative director Chris King at brodog@hotmail.com.
Yet, Links
Text of "Yet Dish"

YouTube searched for those geniuses Gravity Plays Favorites

Post about previous Embirikos potluck that lists ingredients to feature in your dish.

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