Friday, December 9, 2011

Our names in Turkish lights: Exdergi 4 (Contemporary Istanbul edition) is out!

So, like we were saying, our sister citizens in Istanbul got us into Contemporary Istanbul 2011, inspired by Poetry Scores' announcement of its first sister city, the great Istanbul.

Our sister citizens publish the magazine Exdergi, and the new issue Exdergi 4 is now out.

It's published in Turkish, for the most part, as one would expect, but is beautifully designed and pleases the senses even if the mind doesn't penetrate the language.

As a benefit to people who worked on the first Poetry Scores movie Blind Cat Black, which screened at Contemporary Istanbul, this issue has our Turkish show poster, with two details from the poster. Open that PDF of Exdergi 4 and scroll down to pages 23 to 25.

I, for one, love to see this string of names of St. Louis actors in the Turkish lights:

Contemporary Istanbul coverage starts on Page 18 and includes some of Murat Nemet-Nejat's translations of Blind Cat Black into English that got this whole thing started.

Exdergi is edited by Ipek Tuna, with design by Ali Riza Esin; and we are very fortunate to be mobbed up with the creative people.

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