Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Introducing: Three Fried Chamber Players

Mick Jagger, one of the London School of Economics' wealthiest alumni, once memorably sang, "What's a poor boy to do but sing in a rock & roll band?"

Which begs the question: what are aging rock & rollers with day jobs to do but reframe their non-rock-non-band as a chamber music project?

Introducing: Three Fried Chamber Players.

We used to be Three Fried Men. That's a long story. Three Fried Men grew out of Eleanor Roosevelt, which was a less bawdy retitling of Enormous Richard. That's a longer story.

Three Fried Men still exists as a band name on Poetry Scores recordings. The creative core that persisted through the two iterations of ER now use that name when we set parts of long poems to music. Good for us!

We are dispersed between four states, however, and as such are not a gigging band.

Yet and still, enough of us remain here in St. Louis that we could do gigs, if we were to revise our expectations and scale our sound down to an acoustic trio, or quartet, or chamber orchestra. And that is where Three Fried Chamber Players come in.

We are, or will be: Heidi Dean, writing strumming singing; Chris King, writing strumming singing; Adam Long, sawing cello; and Dave Melson, thumbing bass. More often than not, we also will include: Tim McAvin, drumming writing strumming singing. Sometimes, Geoff Seitz: a'fiddling. And who knows who all else.

Why do this to ourselves? With so little evidence that anyone else will care?

For the occasion. The occasion of Richard Byrne coming to St. Louis to help raise funds for Taffety Punk Theatre Company. They are producing his new play, Burn Your Bookes, in D.C. in April/May. I have seen a snippet of this play performed in a stripped down production, and it's something I'd do anything I could to support and promote.

So, there.

And what is this doing on the Poetry Scores blog? You see, most of the songs I write and sing will be scored poems. So, there again.

More, later, about the Taffety Punk Theatre Company benefit at The Tap Room. March 4 or March 11, we are told. Either/or.


Pic is of Three Fried Chamber Players Chris King and Adam Long sharing some fish pepper soup during a break in producing rebel radio for the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People. Back in the night. In the day.

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