Saturday, September 20, 2008

The artist Dana Smith paints your band performing

With the 2008 Experiential Auction coming up tomorrow (5-8 p.m. Sunday) at Atomic Cowboy (4140 Manchester), I have my eyes on one experience in a spirit of regret:

The artist Dana Smith paints your band performing live and gives you the signed painting.

Dana painted the above image, of Ajay at Mad Art. I love it. My regret is that I no longer am in a band he can come paint. If the bidding on Dana's painting experience is slow, I'll throw in my bid and have him come paint me performing Kenneth Rexroth at the 2008 Day of the Deadbeats.

Come to think of it, I open bidding on Dana's painting experience at $10, where all bidding begins. (It costs $10 to get into the event, and you get to deduct $10 from the cost of any winning bid.)

Dana's experience is one of 15 experiences on silent auction from 6:45-7:45 p.m. tomorrow (that's the Straggler set). There also will be an Early Bird silent set of 15 experiences (from 5-6 p.m.) and a Live Auction of 8 deluxe experiences (from 6:15-6:30).

Aldermanic President Lewis Reed told me he would call the Live auction set if he can make it to the event and is in the mood. I think he will and he will be. A bike ride in the city with Lewis is one of three raffle items, along with breakfast at Goody Goody with County Executive Charlie Dooley and lunch at his country club with attorney Chet Pleban.

For a complete list of experiences and times, etc., go here; you can bid in advance there or by emailing me!

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